At Touch for Beauty Skin Clinic our focus is to improve the look of your skin. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable in your own skin, & it is our passion to ensure that you feel just that!

Whether you suffer from Acne, Rosacea or feel you have tired & dull looking skin, we have the treatment to suit you.

Our experienced therapist will thoroughly examine your skin and work out a treatment journey that is best suited to you, aiming to achieve the best results possible.

Observ 520


Observ 520 Advanced Skin Analysis
45 minutes   $80      
"Redeemable if you purchase 3 Dermaviduals products"

Do you really know your skin?
The skin is much more complex than what can be see with the naked eye – that’s why we use the
Observ 520 for professional skin analysis. With advanced analysis technology we can view blemishes, fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone in depth. This allows us to better understand your unique skin concerns to treat existing imperfections, and even address underlying concerns before they
become visible.

What will it show me?
Get ready to face the facts on the true state of your skin! The Observ 520 will examine:
- Wrinkles and fine lines – including ones you can’t even see yet!
- The sebum (oil) content of your skin, which can contribute to acne and blemishes
- Pigmentation – closely assess the severity of freckles, sun spots and age spots
- The true size of your pores - determines if enlarged pores are a problem for your skin
- The moisture content of your skin. Skin dehydration is a serious age-contributing factor!
- Loss of skin firmness. Is your skin ageing well, or losing elasticity at a rapid rate?
- Your skin tone your overall skin health

What will the results mean?
After the Observ 520 Advanced Skin analyse will scans your skin, it will automatically provide 6 different images of your skin. We are then equipped with thorough and accurate information on how to best go about prescribing a personal
skin treatment plan that will provide the best long term skin health possible.

Keep in touch with your skin
Our professional skin analysis not only correctly determines the problem areas in your skin; it also
allows you the opportunity to track the progress of your skin over time. You can see closer than ever
before the state of your skin before treatment, and also how it looks throughout and after treatment –
so you will feel confident and assured in the real results your treatments are providing.

We recommend clients receive professional skin analysis with the Observ 520 at least twice a year to accurately track their skin progress and address any underlying skin health concerns as soon as possible. This is the best way to ensure your skin remains at optimum health all year round!

Get your very own skin analysis now
To book a professional skin analysis with the Observ 520, call us on 0268721515 to arrange an in- depth consultation with one of our professionally trained therapists.

Observ 520 Skin Review
30 minutes  $40         
"Recommended quarterly with every new Season, so you reach your skin goals"


At Touch for Beauty Skin Clinic we know how important your skin is to you and understand each skin is completely different, just like your fingerprint!

Our skin consults will take you beyond just selling you products and treatments. We ensure you understand your skin, educate and  help you understand exactly what is happening.


Our chosen product range Dermaviduals will change your life. We work with the principal Corneotherapy (don’t worry we will explain) which ensures you will maintain optimal skin health and get your skin to function in its natural form. Due to this nature, we are able to treat just about any skin that presents in our clinic including:

  • eczema

  • psoriasis

  • dermatitis

  • acne

  • rosacea

  • pigmentation

  • aging concerns

  • dehydration

  • sensitivity 


If you simply want healthy, glowing skin we have you covered!


Highly Recommended to add on to every facial treatment a Medical Grade MediLUX LED 
Touch for Beauty Revitalise signature treatment
Level 1 | 45minutes  | $99 | Members $89

Illuminate a tired, dull complexion with the potent blend of high-performance actives and therapeutic light therapy. Our signature enzyme peel will exfoliate, smooth and clarify whilst pineapple and papaya enzymes infuse to even skin tone and brighten the complexion. Completing the treatment with LED to rejuvenate at a deep cellular level, your skin will be left whiter, brighter and highly energised!

Power Polish - Level 2 | 60minutes | $165 | Members $150

The ultimate facial experience to combat the signs of ageing whilst delivering maximum relaxation this powerhouse facial combines cosmeceutical actives with our signature enzyme peel to refine, smooth and energise the skin. Customised to your specific concerns, you will experience your very own unique blend of high-performance serums and specialty mask to repair, correct and hydrate. A must-have facial for any skin condition!

Ultimate Skin Food  - Level 3 |
75minutes | $199 | Members $179

Replenish a tired, dull, stressed skin with the 
intense nourishment it deserves at a deep cellular level. Our active enzyme peel will gently refine, high-performance serums will enrich and repair before your customised specialty mask firms and hydrates. 
Our famous Firming Mask to lift and tighten the skin, collagen stimulating light therapy for deep cellular renewal and our signature Touch for beauty “lifting massage”.  The perfect anti-inflammatory treatment to reduce redness, calm sensitivities and deeply
 replenish, leaving you with a glowing vitality.  
Your skin will never be the same!

Skin Revive - Level 4 | 75minutes |
$279 |Members $251

Our famous Enzyme therapy is our most powerful detoxification treatment designed to invigorate and oxygenate, breathing new life into a tired, sluggish and dull complexion. A hearty enzyme exfoliation provides a deep cleanse, preparing the skin for the ultimate enzyme mask that strengthens the skin 
and redefines facial contours. Replenishing with an enriched cocktail of age defying antioxidants, amino acids and hydrating serums, infused into the deep layers of the dermis with rejuvenating LED light therapy this treatment is the essential skin revival – a total transformation!


A collection of nourishing facial therapies that deliver intense, rapid results. Designed to nourish, hydrate and purify the skin for a radiant glow and youthful appearance.

Seasonal Facial Treatments $199
(allow 60 minutes)
Members $179
Highly recommended an add on MediLUX LED Treatment valued at $59

Refresh Summer

Relax with this deep cleansing facial designed to nourish and hydrate the skin. A powerful vitamin infusion makes this the perfect instant skin pick-me-up. The ultimate facial experience to combat the signs of ageing whilst delivering maximum relaxation. 
The bespoke custom infusion and our famous Firming Mask to lift and tighten the skin, collagen stimulating light therapy for deep cellular renewal and our signature Touch for Beauty “lifting massage”. 

Your skin will feel so relaxed and refreshed!

Energise Spring

Breathe life back into a fatigued and dull complexion with this energising treatment, customised to your individual concerns. Combining our highly active serums with healing light therapy to stimulate cell 
renewal and collagen production, this facial will restore a beautiful youthful glow. Customised to correct pigmentation, defy aging or regenerate collagen it is ideal for all skin conditions. Combined with our signature Touch for beauty “lymphatic facial 


Your skin will thank you!

Purify Detox in Autumn

Combat acne prone skin with this highly effective treatment designed to quickly decongest and clarify. High Frequency technology blends with our signature lymphatic massage to help regulate 
oil flow, restoring a clear and bright complexion. A compelling detoxification treatment designed to restore the skin to its optimal function for enhanced and long-lasting age-management. A gentle exfoliation cleans and prepares the skin, strengthening the structural integrity and restoring skin to its healthiest condition. Infusing a rich cocktail of amino acids, organic aloe vera and vitamin C, your 
skin will be naturally radiant and visibly firmer.
* Combine with LED to accelerate healing and reduce scarring *

Nourish Age - Management in Winter 

Nourish your skin at a cellular level with this relaxing yet highly effective facial therapy. Delivery of age defying antioxidants and essential fatty acids to intensely hydrate the deep layers of the dermis, leaving your skin firm and visibly smoother. Reverse the visible signs of ageing with this detoxifying delight. 
Harnessing the health benefits of bespoke serums, this soothing treatment is amazing for reducing inflammation, firming skin tone and increasing hydration. Finishing with our signature lymphatic facial massage to reduce puffiness, increase circulation and deliver a “skin lift”.


Ultimate Skin Transformation – Collagen Induction Therapy 60minutes |
$299 | Members $269

We call it the Skin Transformation as it delivers 
absolutely everything your skin needs and is perfect at treating absolutely every skin condition – it is the pinnacle! Using collagen induction therapy to stimulate cell regeneration and increase your natural 
collagen production, the results are highly visible and long lasting. Best used to correct pigmentation, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and tighten skin, brighten a dull complexion and perfect to reduce scarring. Delivers rapid results, is minimally invasive with next to no downtime – it is the Ultimate Skin Transformation!
Plus receive a FREE Epi Nouvelle mask valued at $39 to aid with - Hydrating - Calming - Cooling - Re usable for up to 4 hours. 
* For best results take a package of 3 treatments and combine with rejuvenating LED *

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is a very advanced treatment and the very top of your graduation! We are only able to perform CIT treatments on very healthy skin.

CIT known as Skin Needling, Dermal Needling or rolling, is an advanced clinical treatment designed to stimulate your skins natural growth factors that work to stimulate production of your own natural collagen.

Pigmentation? Wrinkles? Enlarged  pores? Acne Scarring? Sluggish or loose skin? This is for you!


This is the only treatment to maximize penetration of essential cell nutrients, and the release of growth factors associated with the positive aspects of wound healing.

During your CIT treatment, we perform a double cleanse, a detailed clean of your skin, perform your needling treatment and apply a refreshing, calming cooling mask that  you are able to take home and use on the skin for up to 4 hours.

We will ensure you are equipped with the correct homecare and aftercare advice.

The amount of treatments and interval times will differ for each individual and what we are treating. We will discuss all of this with you during  your advanced consult.

Home Roller

We will ensure you are equipped with the correct homecare and aftercare advice. This includes use of the home roller. 

Home-rolling with your MTS-Roller is a great way to simply boost your results and achieve or maintain optimal skin health. It’s as simple as brushing your teeth and believe us, it quickly becomes an essential part of your skincare regime that you’ll never want to miss!

Before you start home-rolling with your MTS-Roller (or any new skincare regime or treatment), book in an advanced skin analysis with your skin treatment therapist. This will help determine whether home-rolling will benefit your skin in the way you are hoping.

MediLUX LED - Medical Grade Light Therapy

Price $99 (allow 30 minutes) stand alone treatment

Add on treatment $59

LED – Medical Grade Light Therapy
Customised to your unique skin concerns, our LED treatments use the industry leading,
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods registered MediLUX device for 5 wavelengths of power packed, medical grade light therapy.


- Acne Management
LED acne management targets acne-prone areas to reduce and prevent acne-causing
bacteria, active breakouts and inflammation for a clearer, brighter complexion.


- Age Management
LED age management stimulates collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of
superficial wrinkles, neck lines, and other signs of ageing.


- Skin Tone Correction
LED pigmentation correction effectively fades and removes age spots, sunspots and
discolouration to improve overall skin tone, balance and radiance.


- Redness Reduction
LED redness reduction soothes and detoxifies the skin, reducing rosacea, skin redness
and irritation.


-Dermal Repair
LED dermal repair penetrates the subcutaneous layer of the skin, stimulating blood flow
and reducing skin and tissue inflammation by speeding up healing.


How do MediLUX treatments work?
LED treatments with MediLUX utilise 1,500 powerful light emitting diodes ranging from blue to
green, yellow, red and near-infrared. Each light wavelength targets different specific skin
concerns, and treatment is commonly used to address acne congestion, facial redness,
pigmentation, uneven tone, neck lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Are MediLUX treatments suitable for me?
MediLUX treatments are safe, comfortable and suitable for all skin types. During consultation,
your clinician will discuss a treatment plan tailored to your individual skin concerns.
What is the difference between Red Light LED and Near-Infrared LED?
Red light targets the dermal layers, providing excellent results in collagen and elastin synthesis.
Near-infrared light is able to penetrate even deeper in the dermis — reaching the subcutaneous
layer of the skin and muscle to enable deep tissue repair and cellular regeneration.
Can MediLUX LED treatments be combined with other aesthetic treatments?
MediLUX treatments are restorative by nature and will optimise results when paired with other
skincare-based and technology-enhanced treatments.

Why not start your LED journey today?

Speak to Maree about LED packages


Maree at touch for beauty is very well educated and passionate about skin. Over the last year she has personalised a course of treatments and skin products for me that has aided towards improving my tone and texture, and reduce breakouts; all combined along with her encouragement of healthy eating and exercise, my skin has massively changed for the better! Thank you xx

Individualised treatments, flexible appointments, beautiful products and amazing results. Maree has invaluable knowledge and I always look forward to my appointments. 


CIT Collagen Induction Therapy

IPL Pigmentation Therapy

Derma Clear

Oily Treatment

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